I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but Christian movies are awful.  They amount to a lot of ham-fisted sermonizing and that’s just not what movies were made to do. In fact, ham-fisted sermonizing only slightly works from the pulpit, where it is expected.

We need art.  We need Christian artists – movie-makers, musicians, painters, sculptors, authors. The whole lot of those people who make us think about things eternal and undefinable. We need expel who can make us think of heavenly things without pounding us over the heads with dry bones.

We have a new breed of experts among us, now. New teachers of the law; new interpreters of the scriptures to whom we have yielded much authority.

Heaven forgive us if we ignore our modern prophets. But heaven forgive us, too, if we allow the only prophets who penetrate the noise to deal only in dry, uncharismatic prose.

We need Narnia.

We need The Faerie Queen.

We need A Wrinkle in Time. (Surprised you with that one, didn’t I?)

If you are upset about the subversive nature of Hollywood’s influence, perhaps it is time we open our eyes to see and ears to hear the real artists among us who tell stories that capture our imaginations and point them to God, instead of settling for the heavy-handed drivel we have accepted.

After all, we serve an imaginative God and it is in that image we were created.