Somebody told me once that, “Mothers want their children to be happy and Fathers want their children to be something.”

With my own kids, this seems to be true, but it’s a bit misleading. I can’t imagine being happy without being something.

I guess it is the primacy of that something that seems to govern the way we interact. It’s a driver for our communication. I’m not sure it should be; but it has been. When we talk, I’m listening for drive. I’m constantly listening for drive. I want to know that something is being considered; being sought; being attained. Candidly, when I don’t hear it, it irritates me. It makes me scared for the boys, and I wonder what will happen to them if they are not being intentional.

And I have no idea how this squares with the Gospel. And it worries me.

There is a shadow; an unconsidered venture in the futures of my children that I do not know how to square with my faith. There is a tension between wanting them to be successful and wanting them to give their all for the Gospel. Somehow I want both.

God help me to give them over to you and trust that you will handle them with care.